Album Cover
The Medicine Man (Rain Chant) - SINGLE
Akua Kamau
Released: Jun 2, 2013
Label: Fern Gully Records
Track Listing
1 The Medicine Man (Rain Chant)

Liner Notes

In all native/ethnic societies, the medicineman/woman sits at the center of the particular world. They are also called shamans, traditional healers, spiritual elders etc. They carry out a very important role for the particular tribe and they provide healing energy for the ill, they protect persons from evil spirits, they attract good spirits for the tribe etc. Essentially they carry out the function of bridging between the natural world and the spiritual world for the benefit of the community. In some societies they are required to chant for rain during long spells of drought.

This song attempts to capture and reproduce the healing energies that are associated with the traditional medicine man/woman chanting for rain. As a consequence it is very ethnic in sound and feel and includes sounds from an aboriginal instrument (ie. the didgeridoo) that is reputed to be greater than two thousand years old. There are lots of nature sounds as it is set in an environment that is very rich in flora and fauna. It also features a Polynesian Chant, lots of drumming and sounds from a number ethnic percussive instruments. I find it very relaxing and I trust that you will too.

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