Album Cover
Cries Of The Ancestors - SINGLE
Akua Kamau
Released: Feb 15, 2013
Label: Fern Gully Records
Track Listing
1 Cries Of The Ancestors

Liner Notes

This song was initially released as Ancestral Blues and is a song that I wrote for Black History month 2013. This is indeed a very sad song and I used the guitar wails to simulate the cries of our ancestors as they toiled in the hot sun, wind and rain under the merciless gaze and whips of the overseers. Many families were torn apart by the slave trade and diligent attempts were made to completely obliterate our history however, quite mercifully not all attempts have been successful. There is now even some amount of  attempt to have us believe that ALL persons taken from their homeland in Africa, were sold into slavery by other Africans. While we cannot absolutely deny that this may have happened to a very minute extent, it is quite incredible that ALL Africans taken as slaves were sold by other Africans. Incredible indeed. As stated earlier this is a very sad and mournful song especially when one considers what it is intended to portray.






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