Album Cover
Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) SINGLE
Akua Kamau
Released: May 27, 2014
Label: Fern Gully Records
Track Listing
1 Alkebulan (Land Of Origins) CHOPPED

Liner Notes

Akua KamauThe hyena, long thought of as a hermaphrodite and also as the scourge of the Afrikan Plains is in fact an apex predator. Like ALL other carnivores inclusive of lions, they will scavenge for food whenever the opportunity presents itself, however, spotted hyenas hunts for about 95% of their food. They are NOT hermaphrodites as there are males as distinct from females. However the female genetalia is a long tube-like appendage which closely resembles that of the male. Scientists are still unable to say why it has evolved in this way. These noble animals were initially thought of as being the offspring of an unholy union between a member of the canine family and a member of the feline family. However of the two, hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs and hence falls under the suborder feliformia instead of the dog suborder caniformia. Further, unlike felines, the hyena has evolved to hunt like canines, in that their claws are not hooked and so are more like those of dogs so they hunt with their mouths and teeth much the same way as foxes, jackals, coyotes and wolves. Notwithstanding this, their closest living relatives are thought to be weasels. By the way, there are four subspecies of hyenas:

  1. The spotted,
  2. The striped 
  3. The brown hyenas and
  4. The aardwolf.

The aardwolf eats only termites. The striped and brown hyenas scavenge more than the spotted hyena, and with their long shaggy coats are quite different in appearance from the spotted hyena. You may now be wondering how I came to be doing a song about hyenas. Well, actually the song is not about hyenas. The hyenas are a part of it because that is the inspiration which I got while composing it. The song is about Afrika (Alkebulan) as the birth place of all mankind, hence Land Of Origins. While composing, I felt the essence of the hyena more so the spotted hyena. How does that feel? I was hearing sounds in my head, sounds which I ascribe to the hyena. I needed to include these sounds as they are part of the message that I was getting. They are part of the music. Part of the sound. Part of the overall experience. How is this possible? What does it mean? The truth is, I really do not know but I have long ceased questioning these things. I simply leave my mind open and make myself receptive to the messsages.This is how I compose. Ancestral reverence is a very big part of my life and this too, figures very prominently while composing. The song attempts to capture the essence of the Spotted Hyena. Its 'giggles', 'howls', 'yelps' and sometimes the very haunting sounds that it makes, while it hunts, scavenges and fights for food each day. All of this is within the context of Afrika (Alkebulan) as the original birthplace of mankind. The Spotted Hyena, one of Nature's animals and so deserving of our love and respect.

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