New Drummer

Of Afrika BandYes, we got a drummer. Mr Oraine Wallace. Will be saying more about him and posting his information here on our website, in a little while. As you can see, little by little we are moving ahead. We will be giving away a few songs in the very near future, so please keep in touch with us here at our website, because when we start giving them away, we will NOT be tweeting about it, we will simply post the notices and the links here. How selfish is that? Ha ha ha. Naw, not selfish, we just want you our friends to keep coming back and checking us out at all times. Our website is our home on The Internet and it is as much yours as it is ours. We want you to enjoy it just as much as we do. We have been getting a lot of feedback/comments and we do look forward to ALL such and we will act of those which we believe we can do quite easily, first. Others may need some more thought and planning on our part but we WILL eventually get to action ALL the suggestions that we have received so far. So until out next posting, stay safe, enjoy our music and live your life the way it pleases YOU (ie. providing that does NOT include interfering anyone else's life). CHEERS and Ase!!!

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