Desi Roots to record Rootz Afrika with The Of Afrika Band

Of Afrika Band

A lot has happened since our last update. We are still without a drummer however we are taking steps to remedy that situation. Together with this we are getting ready to record a song which we wrote some time back in either late 2014 or early 2015. This is none other than Roots Afrika and my bonafide bredren, veteran singer and internationally aclaimed personality Mr Desmond Young aka Desi Roots has agreed to do this song with us. This man is a genius and he was there when it all started. He used to sing along with such singers as the late great Mr Jacob 'Killa' Miller and was a resident performer at the famous Jonkanoo Lounge. His music is exceptional and here we provide a quick YouTube link to some for you BIG Love fih yuh Desi Roots. Big Respec' mih bredren.

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