Darkest Moments

Akua KamauMy darkest moment to date while composing was when I was creating Cries Of The Ancestors. It really was a very sad time for me. I wrote that song for Black History month 2013 and it felt as though I was transported back to the time of The Ancestors. I know that that sounds very absurd because the lifetime of our ancestors span thousands of years but that was how it felt at the time. As to the specific period within those thousands of years to which I was transported, I am honestly unable to say. Nonetheless, it was as if I felt the whippings, the mutilation, the horror, the fear and all the other emotions that our ancestors had to endure, so with this in mind, it must have been at some time during the period of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. In the end, I tried to get the song to bring out those same emotions and pain, in the listeners and I am sincerely hoping that I have been successful in doing so. The guitar wails, moans and screams and the sad chord progression and strumming pattern plays in the background.

Akua KamauAs the slave ships travelled though The Middle Passage, the sick and/or dying Africans were thrown overboard. The guitar gurgles and splashes in waves while the screams and moans continue in the background, to remind us of this most specifically heinous act of cruelty. The graphic to the left sits underwater in Moilinere Bay about two miles north of the capital St Georges on the small Caribbean island of Grenada. It is the work of Jason deCaires Taylor and is meant as a memorial for those proud Africans who lost their lives (ie. were thrown overboard) as the slave ships journeyed through the Middle Passage on their unholy mission of selling fellow human beings. There are those (even amongst our own people) who wish for us to simply 'forget about this' or better yet,  to just 'get over' it, and to them I say, I am one person who will never forget. I bear no malice to any man or woman because of it, but I will never ever forget about this for as long as I live.

Akua KamauAkua Kamau

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